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Posture Pump® Back Pump® Elliptical Back Rocker™ (Model 2000)

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Please read the contraindications for this unit before buying it.

Relieves back stiffness and discomfort
Dual inflation mechanism gradually lifts, stretches and separates the joints
2 uniquely angled air cells create multi-vectored force and promote disc & joint lubrication
Built-in Rocking Mechanism allows you to exercise your abdominal muscles while shaping & stretching the lower back
Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) via Posture Pump®
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The Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator® Elliptical Back Rocker™ Model 2000 fits under your back in four positions: lumbosacral, lumbar, thoracolumbar, and thoracic, to bring relief to specific problem areas. Exclusive patented dual air cell pouch allows for independent angled joint separation. The two angled air cells vector apart to lift and stretch the lower back in a unique way, decompressing and aligning your joints. As the dual air cells lift and expand your spine, nutrient-rich fluid lubricates the joints, and promotes disc expansion and disc hydration. The bottom of the lumbar unit is rounded to allow you to do an abdominal stretch/pelvic tilt, thus increasing the stretch of the lower back. If your back is sensitive or extremely stiff, first use the unit on your bed/mattress. As your flexibility increases, you may wish to graduate to a firm, flat surface. While most lumbar units have only one air cell, the Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator® Elliptical Back Rocker™ Model 2000 is a patented dual air cell device, allowing you to achieve a unique lengthening and stretch in your low back.

1 review for Posture Pump® Back Pump® Elliptical Back Rocker™ (Model 2000)

  1. bob

    I am a lifelong lower back pain sufferer. Since surgery, I have used Chiropractic care to help alleviate pain as needed. My Chiropractor utilizes this product in her office as part of their self directed therapy/exercises, while waiting for your adjustment.
    I noticed such a relief from my normal achy back every time I used it, so I decided to do the research and find out more about it. I purchased this and used it as soon as it arrived. I use it not only on my extreme lower back (Sacrum area) but also move it up a bit to my upper lumbar spine. Last night I did just that and felt such a pop in my back like I’ve never heard before. It fixed a subluxation that even the chiropractor hadn’t gotten for the past 3 months. Today, I feel like a new man.

    My advice; Buy it. Use it slowly and relax while using it. There are virtually no instructions so you need to learn as you go. It is very simple, but listen to your body. Breath deep and relax before you start, then go little bits at a time. 2 pumps to start. Sit for 15-30 seconds then release. Repeat for 5 times. alternate front and rear pad, then move up the spine a few inches and repeat. Gradually increase the times you pump over the course of days. If you have too much pain, stop, but for me this has been a Godsend.

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