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Back Massage Seat Cushion with Heat….Free Shipping!

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If you are a looking for a deep but comfortable massage then the Arnot massage chair is for you. Don`t believe us yet?  Just read the reviews! Not only does this massage you, but the vibration on the seat has 3 levels on intensity. A little bit of warmth can help blood circulation so you know that this has heat built into it.  Since this fits over almost any seat, you can put this in the car for road trips or bring it to the office and get a massage while you are working! How awesome is that? Get paid to get a massage. If you are worried about falling asleep on this, which I have a few times, there is an automatic 15minute shut off. Just in case, we also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee for any reason and 1-Year warranty for quality-related issues. It`s time to treat yourself or a loved one!


17 reviews for Back Massage Seat Cushion with Heat….Free Shipping!

  1. Summer

    Very practical massage products, it can be placed on the sofa at home or in the car, and the gear can be adjusted to ease the fatigue of the day, I like this product very much.

  2. Nick

    I will definitely recommend this to everyone. You can use it at your home and your car since it has two different charger. The strong vibration is awesome! Especially after your day off.

  3. Lisa

    how convenience. My sister got one of those massage chair that costs a fortune, and I always use it every time i visit. since im not that fortunate, this massager cushion wont cost me an arm and leg. . For a tiny fraction of the cost of professional massager or equipment, you can use this anywhere.

    I like that this massager has heat function. After a long day at work, nothing beats sitting on it for a little pampering. It will hurt if you are not use to the pressure of the rollers. I use the demo button most of the time. 5 mins full body massage and im done.

    I wish there’s a way to adjust the intensity of the rollers.

  4. troy

    I sat this on my couches middle seat and I am in love! It feels so good. It’s slim not big or bulky and would be great for a office chair. Easy to store away bc it’s not heavy or thick. It’s adjustable for time 5,10 or 15 minutes. High medium or low massaging pressure, You can have it vibrate or not and with or without heat. It also allows you to do upper lower or both. So everything is totally your choice and custom. If you want all do it you can hit demo. This came with an adapter for the car as well! The outside has zippers so you can remove the covers and wash everything if you wish to, which is awesome for cleaning and sanitizing the chair. My entire family has been taking turns all day long getting massages.

  5. Nikki

    love this Chair! Great after hard day at work.. Also during THAT time of the month

  6. Reggie

    It is not very comfortable, it is a very deep massage and is painful, but in a good way. I’m a big guy. My back does feel mo betta when I am done though, especially my lower back, where I had the issue which is why I ordered it. It is meeting my needs.

  7. Earl

    Shiastu back massage is very strong – definitely gets my knots out but sometimes leaves me a bit sore. It would be nice if you could adjust it. The heat and vibration feature are very nice.

  8. Justin

    Solid if unspectacular. It gets the job done but is not tall person friendly. It’s good as a temporary.

  9. Ron

    I loved this product it helped a lot to my dad, the back pain relief is greatly appreciated and it’s working fine.

    Thanks for such a wonderful product.

  10. Jacob

    Excellent product for your money, well massages the waist and neck))) very satisfied,

  11. Lexi

    Very good quality for a chair that is under $70

  12. Dana

    The chair is just super! everything came in perfect condition and very fast. thank you very much to the seller and success in selling it!!!

  13. Tony

    Got here in a few days. Love it!

  14. Lou

    Perfectly massages. Nice thing

  15. Johnny

    Love it but it is a little rough on me sometimes.

  16. Jay

    Not as good as a real person but its whatever

  17. Nat

    I love this chair. I am using it as I am typing this. Will buy another one for a loved one.

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