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Foot Massager -Free Shipping- ($10 off with purchase of massage cushion)

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This product is very light on the feet. It feels good but since I like a lot of pressure I have to push down it. If your feet are very sensitive then this is for you.

11 reviews for Foot Massager -Free Shipping- ($10 off with purchase of massage cushion)

  1. JJ

    i have purchased the fancier more expensive foot massagers but this one is BY FAR the greatest foot massage purchase I have made. Its so cozy and warm inside and theres enough space for me to move my foot where I want to be massaged! The other ones your foot is stuck in the same place, hurts your feet after a while and then air compresses which hurt. This one does not do air compression which is perfect. Foot part also unzips and you can just place the bottom part on your back to get a massage there too. Love it.

  2. Warren

    This massage machine is really more perfect than I thought. I like it very much. I usually have to stand at work, so my feet are really overtired when I go home. It’s really comfortable and relaxing when I have it to help my feet. Also, I found that this can be taken apart to massage the back, and the top can also be taken apart to wash. It’s real value.

  3. Abe

    It’s great quality. I plug this massager in under the computer desk so I can come home from being on my feet all day at work and have a foot massage and relax while I watch Netflix or play video games. It takes about 10 minutes for the heater to adjust and does not overheat. The cloth is soft and washable. I liked that depending on how or where my feet ached, I can choose how I want them massaged and how hard. It’s good for if your arches ache more days than others. I feel like there is less swelling in both my feet and my ankles since the massager creates more circulation. I’m noticing when I use it every night I work, I’m not going to bed with pain in my feet, When I wake up I don’t have all the achy pain in my feet and I’m ready for my next work shift. I let everyone in the family use it, and even my son was able to try it out. He has size 13 wide width foot and was able to still use it. I would suggest having people wash their feet before using it to keep the cloth more clean in between uses.

  4. Yari

    My wife often holds her baby for a long time, and her feet are very tired, so I bought this massager for her. The effect is particularly good. She said the heating was very comfortable. After 15 minutes, the foot fatigue was relieved.it is convenient for storage, suitable for people who are inconvenient to buy large massage chairs at home.

  5. Lisa

    Not at all what you would expect it to be a lil flimsy it doesn’t give too much heat as you would like

  6. Linda

    I like this product. I bought one for my sister and one for myself.

  7. Leslie

    OMG love love love this thing!!! Even my boyfriend falls asleep watching TV as he’s using it. Will be ordering more for others in need of great foot rub.

  8. Emily

    This foot massager is better for someone who is difficult to sleep at night. It’s very comfortable, especially using it after the shower. It also provides heat function, which really makes people feel sleepy. For me, I almost fell asleep every day when I take the foot massager sitting on the sofa. In addition, the material outside this foot massager is also comfortable. It’s worth the price.

  9. Sally

    Loving my little treat to myself! I was skeptical at first BUT this massager is great! Easy to set up.. just plugged the connector together with the power adapter and hit the power button. Both settings feel great on my feet. The heat gives warm feeling, but it’s not HOT hot, which I like it. It will auto shut off in 15 minutes, which is appropriate for duration of massage. Oh, I don’t know if it is related or it just because I’m tired after 12 hours shifts, but I feel that I slept better after I got the massage. Lol

  10. Karen

    This was a great purchase. I’m very athletic, so my feet always hurt. I love that there’s an option to turn heat on or off, you can choose the direction the massagers go in, and there’s an auto shut off if it’s been on for a while. I use it every night while I watch TV and I’ve had so much relief since I started using it. You won’t regret the purchase.

  11. Bill

    I would perfer a compression feature.

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