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Intelligent Posture Brace – Free Shipping!

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I am sure that you have tried other posture trainer braces before, but this is unlike anything you have tried. Not only does it train you to keep good posture, but if you tend to slack, the posture trainer will remind you to sit upright with a light buzz. After using this for a while, your body should start to conform and you hopefully will be sitting straighter and standing taller. It is very lightweight and comfortable. Easy to put on with adjustable dual straps. If you sit a lot on the computer or play on your phone, this is for you! You can even wear it under your shirt without anyone even knowing that you have it on.



12 reviews for Intelligent Posture Brace – Free Shipping!

  1. Colby

    I love this product, it can be used for the whole family. and it is smart to remind me when the body is bending. i also can wear it anywhere. really a good product, i recommend to all

  2. Mike

    Totally does the job!

  3. Patty

    Excellent! I used the product twice. I can say that is a very good product!

  4. Matt

    I had no idea how poor my posture was. This thing vibrates a lot and reminds me to sit up properly.

  5. Paul

    I bought 2 pieces-myself and my niece! Already Tried to sweat. At any slope of the back immediately vibrates. It’s hard to keep your back straight, but this corrector is just perfect for help. The quality is very good. I recommend the seller! And be healthy and with a straight back

  6. Louis

    Excellent!! Vibrates when we are with a poor posture

  7. Jenny

    I ordered this posture corrector because i slouch too much, and when i try to stand up straight i feel like i overcompensate and it gets tiring. the reason i like this product is that when i have it on, it doesnt restrict my movements like a brace with a plate might, i dont feel like im having to put effort into standing straight so im not getting fatigued even after wearing it for a full 8 hour day. im really pleased with my purchase, its well designed and easy to use, and i think will eventually fix my bad posture.

  8. Bill Gastroc

    Very good quality

  9. Tony

    it’s a good product every time I hunch my back it will remind me through vibration. Help me keep the correct posture!!

  10. Larry

    Normal thing. Works. really makes you watch posture.

  11. Charlie

    Great, the vibration does keep the posture right, it’s a plus of this product unlike the others!

  12. Ashley

    You can sit normally. If you get muddled/arched wrong your column will alert you with a sound for you to correct and that it’s good.

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