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Posture Pump® Neck Pump® Single neck air cell (Model 1100-S)


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Please read the contraindications for this unit before purchasing it.

*For Relief of Painful Neck Stiffness*
Retail Model Available Without Prescription

Relieves Painful Neck Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue
Decreases Disc Bulging
Shapes & Restores the Proper Neck Curve
Decompresses & Hydrates Compressed Discs
Reduces & Corrects Forward Head & Neck Posture
Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion
Lightweight, Easy to Operate & Travel With
Made in the USA & Built to Last
Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) via Posture Pump®
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Upgraded from the Model 1000 to be more comfortable and effective. New Comfort Visor™ gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact). Does not hyper-extend the neck.Single EED® air cell* decompresses & hydrates discs at moderate pressure levels while shaping & restoring the proper neck curve for comfortable, corrective deep relief.


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