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Shawl Massager with heat for car and home(Neck,Back,Legs,Feet)

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This massager is very good quality. I have ordered around 5 others off amazon trying to find the best one and this is it. I do like the mini massager that we have on this site a little better just because it is smaller. This unit is a little bit stronger and really gets the spots. I tend to use it while sitting in my chair doing computer work. It gets the lower back pretty good. It also has heat which is a nice touch

This shoulder massager is originally provided hand touch sensory quality. Provide deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, foot, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms helping relieves stress and fatigue. The RT2086 can reduce the noise below 55 dB, providing you a better massage experience. The best gift for people who are suffering from neck, shoulder or back pains.

18 reviews for Shawl Massager with heat for car and home(Neck,Back,Legs,Feet)

  1. Tav

    Great neck and back massager for the amount of money paid.
    Stupid easy to use. Multiple cycles you can choose through one button.
    Work really well. Best thing about this is it comes with a car cigarette plug as well so you can use it on the go as well.

  2. Tanny

    The real deal. Works exceptionally well for those with hard knots in between shoulder blades. You can use it on your shoulders, upper back or lower back.

  3. Chels

    This product truly amazed me! I have really bad back and neck pain so I’m always on the lookout for new products to help ease it. I was so surprised how this truly worked so loosen up muscles and actually felt like hands working on me! I get a professional massage feeling from the comfort of my home. I love how this even includes a car charger port so you can use on a trip in the car. This is so easy to use and customize with all the different settings and speeds. With about 10 minutes I felt completely relaxed and my muscles had been soothed. This has a heat setting as well so you can really work on soreness. This is very high quality and I’m just so surprised that this helped me so much and performed so well. Now I can get a professional massage from the comfort of my sofa and watch tv!

  4. luis

    Wow, this product works great. I received it today and immediately opened and tried it out. You get a car charger and an ac adapter as well. I did my shoulder blades then my lower back. The rotations on this massager feels so good. I didn’t expect this product to be as great as it is. I highly recommend this product.

  5. Kiran

    I have tired lots of brand but by far this is the best. It takes away stress from hard working days. It great to give as a gift. It is not too heavy and works great for deep tissue. I like the fact it heats up. It will be great using it during the winter time. It is easy to use. The packaging was nicely packed.

  6. Soni

    Bought it for my husband who always loves massage. The kneading function really helps to relax the sore muscles and relieve the tension. One can hold it in place where you want to massage with the arm holders.And, you can control as per your need by holding it tight or loose. I’m so happy with this and it’s really worth the money spent.

  7. allen

    This massage is the best out of all the ones I have tried so far. It was able to get all of the pain spots that other machine were not able to reach. It comes in different modes as well. The size is just right and it’s not to heavy to handle.

  8. Jenny

    Nice design that concentrates on the neck and the shoulder. It has 3 functions. The rollers can move front and backward. You can make the it concentrate on the specific place. It has the heated rollers.

  9. Jackie

    hen I first received my package o was so sad, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I was disappointed in the massager itself. What got me was that the warning specifically says not recommended for pregnant women and I was looking forward to this. Fortunately it did not go to waste, my dad’s birthday is coming up right around the corner and he got to try it out and loves it! You see my dad has been working so hard for many years and he is constantly tired and in pain. Growing up I use to give him massages to help him out and he’d give me a dollar, anyway now that I’m married with my own family there no one to help relieve his pain especially since my mom has arthritis and her hands constantly hurt. So this makes the perfect gift for my hard-working dad. Its great because he can use it by himself, no one has to hold it for him or anything and he can use it for multiple areas depending on what’s hurting him.

  10. Mary

    For someone like me that carries stress in their back, this is a game changer!! The kneading action is just what is needed to get deep into the sore muscles and really work out the tension. You can hold it in just the place you need with the arm holders, or sit up against a chair back etc, to do the same thing. I love the position of the kneaders as they really get the top of my shoulders and my neck too. AND, if you need heat… that is available too!!! This is an all around amazing massager!!!!

  11. Melanie

    I love this massager!! It is easy to use and hold. Although it might take a try or 2 to get used to putting your arms in the straps but they are adjustable so you fit it to you. It has different massage “speed” (it’s more like a slow grab than speed), heat, and reverse direction! You don’t realize how important that is until it gets in the RIGHT spot! It kneads great. And, you can control how deep you want it to go because you can hold it tight or loose against your back or neck. I’m so happy with this! If you have a knot in your bursa area this will get to it!!! It’s amazing!! Don’t hesitate to try this 🙂

  12. Latisha

    This neck massager is a bit on the bulky side but man it works. The massager can be plugged in through an outlet or cigarette port for your car. Once you take it out of the box and place it on your shoulders it begins massaging. It has different modes for a deeper to lighter massage. This massager is wonderful and really gets down deep.

  13. Sue

    This is amazing, it helps with neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Feels so good as if a real person makes you a strong massage. The cord is sufficiently long enough and this can be used while driving in the car as well as it comes with the socket which can be connected to car charging mount. So far it’s been great.

  14. Gary

    This thing has worked out all of the deep knots. I have a lot of back issues and sore muscles from working out. This massager really gets deep in there. I am more amazed with this than I thought I would be.

    It comes with a wall plug and a car plug and is very portable. I think it might feel to good to use while driving and still pay attention to tge road though.

  15. Tasha

    I have been suffered from tight muscles in my neck and shoulders for past 1 year. This massager is amazing. It has loosened my neck and shoulder tension in Just few days. This massager really works the trigger points out. It’s light weight and easy to hold at multiple positions. It provides pleasant warmth with its heating function. I am quite impressed by its quality and performance and price is just right.

  16. Jennifer

    This massage wrap feels good. You kind of have to hold on to the arm straps and pull down a bit while it’s massaging for it to really get into the muscles. For the cost, I would buy again. It has to plug into the wall or cigarette lighter outlet to work. It is has a couple of speeds, rotations, and heat.

  17. Sherri

    My two teenage sons constantly have neck and shoulder pain and this helps to relieve their pain. My one son says it feels amazing hen he uses it and loosens up his muscles so he can sleep better. It’s very easy to use you just plug it in and comes with an adapter to plug it in the vehicle also.

  18. Patty

    Wow, this massager is phenomenal! I have used it on my thigh and butt every day since I got it. My muscles are very tight and spastic in this area since having a hip replacement 8 months ago and this massager is really helping with that discomfort. I would give it 10 stars if I could!

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